Could this be TRUE about the word (NICE)...

Have you ever heard that (nice) is a bad word lol well today I'm here asking you what do you think...

Here's what we know about (NICE)

If you Google: (Root Meaning Of Nice)


Ok, wait 😂 500 years ago the word NICE meant Foolish or Stupid and remember by 16th century it changed and by the 19th NICE had the total opposite meaning of Foolish or Stupid

So, now how is it that this word changed to a word we use on a daily basis (have a nice day,, you did a nice job,, we had a nice time,, that was nice of them,, nice to meet you) ok you get the point 😂 with everything we do and the original meaning was FOOLISH OR STUPID but now it means

Now lets do some history ok

500 year ago NICE was used as foolish or stupid if we go back in time slavery was 400 years ago (right or wrong)

So I believe at that time NICE should have been used as FOOLISH & STUPID (right or wrong)

Now lets think about this in this century how many times have you heard or listen to a BOSS or someone with higher authority say (you doing a nice job or their doing a nice job) plenty (right or wrong)

But in 1519 When someone said (nice job) it meant you was being foolish or stupid (right or wrong)

Now around 1500 was when the slaves era started from what google research said lol😂 (right or wrong)

Maybe we wrong to think this but IJS back then ppl didnt have google so trust and believe it was a shit load of NICE(foolish/stupid) lol people

So it was alot more followers and not leaders back then and anytime BOSSMAN said something to a slave even though it could have been good or bad

Slaves couldn't understand

The slaves didnt understand bcuz they couldnt read or write

But they could understand when someone else was getting all the attention from them BOSS just like today you have so many ppl who crave for attention good or bad

So when BOSSMAN told one of the slaves you're doing a NICE job bcuz that slave was working so much harder than the other slaves that was around him

where it became confusing was the other slaves was jealous bcuz the boss said something to slave 1

to the slaves it doesn't matter what he said bcuz they cant read or write but they understand when they are getting attention just like ppl do today (right or wrong)

Now what happen was every time BOSSMAN said (NICE) job to one of the slaves he notice how the other slaves worked even harder than the one he said (NICE) job too and he began to tell them they're doing a (NICE) job everyday because they worked harder

Now they was being Foolish & Stupid for listen to him and he would tell them to there face and they never knew it

And BOSSES came together and by 16th century the word was so widely use they started to change it

by 19th it was a trend bcuz slaves thought it was a good thing to be doing a NICE job and the TREND always WINS

WoW!!! Thats kinda sweet lol

So, imagine you have slaves and in order to keep these ppl slaves you had to trick them and keep them from knowing the truth about anything


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