​What you need to know

to Buy and Sell

Bitcoin & Altcoins.

Step 1


Below is information on how to start using CC's & B/coin.  Here's some new ways to buy and sell CC's easily and use Crypto4Bitcoin.

1. To Buy & Sell easy use MCO coin wallet called Monaco.

This wallet let's you buy multiple CC's right from your phone.

Also, has a DebitCard for easy access to cash. (Available in USA).

Crypto.com has 2 coins/tokens MCO($5.16) & CRO($0.11).

MCO:  is the coin that backs the DebitCard.

CRO:  is Crypto.com coin and both have a (usecase) inside the Monaco wallet that users will love.  

2. Store your CC's and B/coin in your private safe EXODUS. (we'll come back to this later)

This wallet you'll use like a saving account that only you control.

3.  That's all you need to Buy & Sell CC's & B/coins the safe way...


Yes you can use a digital wallet like Coinbase or Coinpayment to hold your CC's.


If you would like to use a good exchange NewExchangeComing, HitBTC

We have provided you with a list of wallets in the (CryptoWallet) section on menu. Depending on what you are trying to do with your digital assets is how you want to pick which wallet to use but for now these two will be exactly what you need.









Click on Coinpayment. Don't worry another window will open.

Coinpayment - if you want to hold multiple cryptocurrencies and not have them in the exchange. This wallet is safe and secure to use. Also, Merchants are going to use this as a payment system like PayPal when you check out. This will allow you to buy goods and services with multiple types of cryptocurrencies. (Must Have) 



Click on Coinbase.

Coinbase - This wallet is one of the most trusted wallet but remember you use this as a tool that's in the toolbox. It's not the toolbox. So, in other words use this wallet to buy your cryptocurrencies and move them to your wallet that you have private keys to. This wallet allows you to buy Bitcoin. (Must have)


Click on (NewExchangeComing) and HitBTC

NEC and HitBTC these are two Cryptocurrency exchange's. **This is where you'll buy other cryptocurrencies like: Ripple(XRP),  Dash,  Monaro,  and more** These two exchange's  have a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and have been around for year's. Both have gained the trust of the crypto community.



Now your READY!!!


How to buy and sell for other cryptocurrencies on Monaco & Exodus... (video coming soon)


Set up a appointment: call meeting,  Zoom meeting,  Webinars,  1 on 1 lessons all appointment must be set 2 days in advance. Call meetings are available 24/7


Members have the chance to get a free All-N-One Personal app

(Demo of app is on members app page)


What you need to know...


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