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Velas blockchain uses AI-enhanced DPOS (AIDPOS) consensus for high volume transactions processing without

sacrificing decentralization and security.

What is Velas? Velas AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is a new AI-operated dPoS (delegated proof of stake) blockchain project and an ecosystem on which one can build AI projects, dApps, smart contracts, etc. It is founded by the CEO of the world’s first and biggest altcoin payment processor platform from 2013 - Coinpayments.net - Alex Alexandrov. The purpose of Velas is to address and fix existing issues and challenges faced by most existing Blockchains, like centralization, 51% attack, nothing at stake problem, scalability, security, high upfront expenses, etc. It does so by using neural networks optimized by artificial intelligence to enhance its consensus algorithm. Our payment processing platform has reached 3,000,000 users and merchants over six years, being the first and biggest altcoin payment processor in the world. This customer base is all involved in the whole Velas ecosystem from the beginning. [/list] Velas Key Features Autonomous security Masternodes Multi-wallet containers Neural Networks 30,000 transactions per second Smart contracts 81% stake required to attack chain instead of the traditional 51%


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