What's This? KNC $10,000 Giveaway

GIVEAWAY $10,000

Win $10,000 worth of prizesin KNC Katalyst Trading Contest


  • User must SIGN UP/IN to their KyberSwap account in order to get points and rewards. However, NO KYC needed.

  • User perform a KNC swap, one of the tokens MUST be KNC (any token → KNC or KNC → any token). Trading amount will be converted to ETH, and for every ETH, the user will be awarded 1 point, up to 4 decimal places.

  • No minimum or maximum value.


  • Hold ≥ 2000 KNC in your wallet = 20% extra points.

  • Hold ≥ 5000 KNC in your wallet = 30% extra points.

  • Hold ≥ 10000 KNC in your wallet = 40% extra points.

  • Perform swap on our mobile apps (both Android and iOS) = 20% extra points. However, as our iOS app is still being verified by Apple, iOS users can download our Test-flight version to participate in this event on your smartphone. Click here to learn how to install.

  • Use our Limit Order feature for your KNC swap = 20% extra points.


Bonuses are counted only after your transaction is mined. This means, for example, that you will only receive 40% extra point if you still have ≥ 10.000 KNC in your wallet after your KNC swap is mined.


A user holds 11,000 KNC and places a 1.2345 ETH to KNC swap using limit order in our Android app. Upon successful execution, user is awarded 2.2221 points (1.2345 +40% +20% +20%).

Duration: From 27 June 2020 21:00 to 06 July 2020 23:59 (GMT+8)

Main prize pool: Top 300 users with the most points will share a total prize pool of $10,000. Winners will receive their winnings in KNC equivalent at the time of prize distribution. Winnings will be delivered 5 working days after the contest ends.


TipJar: $crypto4bitcoin

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