How To get XRP... FREE!!! WoW!!!

This XRP TipBot has some amazing features. sign up for free membership now and learn how to make a bot that makes money for you.

NO Marketing

NO scams

NO one has to help you

NO games to play

NO Referral Program

NO affiliate program

NO waiting for check

NO BOSS or Co-Workers

Set it and Forget it...

That's it...

Oh Yeah This Is Free to setup...

Starting your Bot will cost 5$ and after it pays for itself...

Don't forget you need Twitter or Discord to get the XRPTipBot...  We use Twitter to set ours up.

Now this is not everything you need to start your personal XRP M.Bot but it's a important tool that is a must have.

what you need:

1. Phone

2. Computer


4. #1 Members

5. #2 Facebook

6. #3 Members

7.  #4 XRP TipBot

8. #5 Members

9. #6 Members

10. #7 Members

and It take a little time because in this process you'll set up:

1.  A real business

2.  Setup business accounts (


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