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BlitzPredict aims to provide insights by aggregating sportsbooks and prediction markets much like a stock market ticker. This helps bettors determine which sportsbook provides them with the best possible outcomes for a given bet. Darren Heitner, Inc.com 

What is BlitzPredict?


BlitzPredict WhitePaper Problem Events such as sports, crypto, eSports, and politics are traded across different marketplaces at different prices for the same event. Scanning these markets for the best price is inefficient and time-consuming. Receiving your money from centralized authorities can take days or even weeks. Solution Use BlitzPredict to ensure that you always get the best price and get paid immediately. BlitzPredict is building a global aggregator to ensure its users will always get the price available in the marketplace at any given time. BlitzPredict is building a liquidity reserve to ensure that its users can always get paid immediately at the conclusion of an event. 

BlitzPredict's Smart Contracts unlock powerful, flexible betting options to allow users to execute wagers when certain criteria are met. 

BlitzPredict Public Presale Monday January 22 - Sunday Feb 4 We are happy to announce our public presale! Our private presale reached the cap of 4,000 ETH and we are incredibly grateful for the community’s support. The public presale begins January 22nd and will run through February 4th. The public sale will begin on February 5th. Given the ever-evolving nature of this space, it is imperative to operate from a legally compliant standpoint. Following best legal practices will help ensure the future of BlitzPredict and BPZ. For this reason, we must restrict the presale to accredited investors. Interested contributors should download the accredited investor questionnaire and email presale@blitzpredict.io for further instructions. Thank you,


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