What's this,, BitconnectX

So, creators of the successful  BitconnectCoin(BCC) is dropping new ICO in 4 hour's. All year long Bitconnect has dealt with all the negativity that people have been given it.   Many have call it a scam or Ponzi scheme.  Being labeled as the years biggest 😱 pyramid scheme of the year.  Is now given us BitconnectX.

Bitconnect is a cryptocurrency lending platform. The ICO for BitconnectCoin was around November time 2016. Now it's January 10, 2018 and they're releasing a big surprise to the Bitconnect community. Yes, we can't wait to see the BitconnectX surprise. 

This is all you can see or get to know. The links aren't available right now.  The one thing we can see is 

BitconnectX is accepting BitconnectCoin , LiteCoin, & BitCoin. 

Join Bitconnect HERE and start getting paid in 24 hour's. Don't have a P.O.O.R mindset.

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

Join BITCONNECT  today


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