SEC halts another wacky bitcoin-related trading

The U.S. government continues to crack down on wacky trading activity in shares of companies involved in cryptocurrency. The Securities and Exchange Commission has halted trading in shares of UBI Blockchain Internet, a Hong Kong-based company, citing potentially inaccurate information in its disclosures to the regulator and unusual and unexplained market activity in the stock since November. The shares spiked to $87 on Dec. 18 from just $9 on Dec. 11 and have since fallen back to $22 as of Friday. The share halt began Monday and runs through Jan. 22

Shares of UBI Blockchain Internet had soared to $87 in December from just $9 a few days earlier. The U.S. is raising concerns about potential fraud and manipulative trading in shares of companies tied to the increasingly popular cryptocurrency world 

More on this  here  from cnbc


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