What can I do with Monyx?

Monyx ICO Starts 25th December 2017, 17:00 UTC and ends 14th January 2018 

Maximum Supply: 24,000,000 MYX ICO Crowdsale: 8,000,000 MYX Initial Price: $0.45-$1.00 (USD) ICO Referral Commission: 3 Levels: 8% + 2% + 1% (Paid in Coins or Bitcoins) 

ICO Crowdsale 8 million coins will be distributed during ICO (in 5 phases). The  Monyx  ICO crowdsale will have one Pre-Sale and 5 rounds. If all  Monyx coins in a round gets sold out, we will move on to the next round in 24 hours, but at a higher price. Due to expected high demand for  Monyx ICO - there will be a cap of max 5,000 MYX per 24 hours per account. There is a bonus system in place. Example: If you buy 100 (MYX) coins you get 15 (MYX) coins as a bonus (15%). MONYX EXPECTED OPEN PRICE ON EXCHANGE: $10-$15  

LENDING Lend liquidity to our algo trading robots and earn an interest based on your investment option. The interest is paid daily, and can be tracked in the dashboard. STAKING Staking  Monyx  in your wallets and receive bonuses from us. The first six months the bonus rate is up to 10%. MINING Our mining pool will be released in February 2018. Then you can start to mine fresh  Monyx . TRADING You will be able to trade BTC, MYX and fiat in our state-of-the-art internal exchange that will be launched January 2018. 

Monyx AI Lending This investment option involves profiting from Monyx  algorithmic trading bots. You lend liquidity to our algorithmic trading bots (Monyx AI) and receive daily interest based on their performance and your investment option. 

You can track the performance daily on the dashboard. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your capital back and you're free to transfer it out from the platform or make a new loan. 

Download wallet app here

Blockchain Technology We use decentralized blockchain transaction technology, for secure and transparent transactions. Lightning-fast Transactions Send and receive payments anywhere in the world ultra-fast and cheap.

Limited Supply There will only be a maximum supply of 24 million coins. This will ensure the scarcity of coins.

Anonymous The origin of the transaction is completely anonymous unless the owner would want to reveal their identity. 

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