What's this,, HotCrypto ICO over staking starts Jan 3, 2018

What is  HotCrypto  (HCR)? HotCrypto (HCR) is a self-managing financial system with P2P transaction based on open source platform. Connection Value of HotCrypto (HCR): HotCrypto (HCR) is an electronic currency. This currency is like the Dollar, but it exists only in the digital world. This concept may be similar to Ethereum, and it is not different from Ethereum because it is based on Ethereum platform. 

What is the value of  HotCrypto  (HCR)? HotCrypto (HCR) will release only 8 million coins worldwide, which is similar to an economic system based on deflation and with increasing supply of currency, the HotCrypto (HCR) trends increase while demand is high and the amount of coins still does not increase. This will help eliminate the ratio of bad debt partners. For this purpose, HotCrypto (HCR) has sought to collaborate with many banks to perform remittance on a variety of conditions without the need for an intermediary between countries.  


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How to stake HCR coin? 

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The moment you acquire HotCrypto (HCR) Coin it becomes an interest bearing asset with Up to 120% return per year through PoS minting. All you have to do to earn with this method is to hold coins in your HotCrypto wallet. This means anyone holding  HotCrypto  (HCR) Coin in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network. 

You can terminate coin staking anytime and send all your coin with interest to exchange platform or web wallet. 



How to start lending? 

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You can invest HotCrypto Coin (HCR) in HotCrypto lending platform exclusively from the HotCrypto Dashboard. This investment option involves profiting from HotCrypto trading bot and volatility software. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your capital back to take out from the  HotCrypto  lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending platform to continue receiving daily profit 

If you want to invest in HotCrypto lending, you have to buy HotCrypto Coin (HCR) in the first place. Buy  HotCrypto  coin (HCR) from HCR Exchange with Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin first. You can terminate coin staking anytime and send all your coin with interest to exchange platform or web wallet. 

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HotCrypto (HCR) creates a referral system that allows members to refer it to other investors and earn income from commission of investments. So to earn profit, members will share and introduce their network to as many investors as possible. We understand the workings of the world so from this we appreciate from every effort of our leaders who have promoted HotCrypto to the world, with this we give bonus leadership to all our members who can build their group in accordance with qualifications that have been prepared in the system then they are entitled to receive Network bonus that has been prepared.

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