Hi, Welcome to C4B CryptoGreeting. To jump right into it, you are here to learn about cryptocurrency and bitcoin.


On this site you'll find everything you need to start using cryptocurrency and bitcoins like paper currency.


Paper currency (aka Cash/Money/fiat currency) is use to exchange for goods and services for hundreds of years now.


We have exchanged all sorts of things for goods and services, now we

have something revolutionary and changing the way we exchange money.


It's called Cryptocurrency.


I'm not going to go deep into what cryptocurrency is, but I will say cryptocurrency or digital assets are shaping the future. There's thousands of cryptocurrencies and each one has their own unique way of shaping and creating the future of today. One that has already made major changes in the financial industry is Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is a (P2P) peer-to-peer Exchange. Bitcoin has a value of over $10,000.

As of January 2018 some people are confused about:


What is a Bitcoin? Video

How to use Bitcoin?

Where did it come from?

Why use Bitcoin and I have cash?


#1 How to make $$$ using Crypto4Bitcoin


At crypto4bitcoin you'll learn everything you need to learn when it comes to cryptocurrency.


1. Where to get digital assets.  (Monaco, CashApp, Coinbase)

2. Where to keep digital assets. (Exodus, Ledger, Trezor, PaperWallet)

3. How to turn your digital assets into cash. (Monaco)

4. How to be in control of your digital assets. (Exodus)

5. Where you can exchange your digital assets for goods and services. (HERE)

6. And so much more...


Our goal is to help you stay safe and prevent you from being scammed by untrustworthy people.

This new technology is amazing, so our job is to teach you how to keep your money secure and safe.

This system is built on trust and there are people in the world who will take full advantage of your trust.

We are here to help you on your journey into the crypto community world of trust.



Let's go over a few things you need before you start your journey.



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Learn and Earn system....



Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin

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Cash 4 Crypto

Everything you need to start using cryptocurrency and bitcoins like paper currency.


Q & A

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**DISCLAIMER** Please keep mind this is free advice. I'm no financial advisor or broker, always do your own research before jumping into Crypto or Forex. Everything you see on this site and app is of my own personal bias. Never put money into Crypto or any other market that you are not willing to lose. It can be extremely volatile. Past profits doesn't guarantee future profits INVEST AT YOUR OWN RISK**